My philosophyCraftsman Organic Wine grower

After almost 20 years of certification in Organic Farming, I found a balance between a  technicity respectful of the environment and the native expression of my terroirs.

Beyond certification, going further in the qualitative requirement:

A philosophy of wine, close to natural wines, through a limited use of technical additives, but also at the crossroads of the Bordeaux tradition and the rebellious spirit of the wines of the great South-West of France, our different cuvées are as many reinterpretations of my terroirs for the greatest pleasure of the senses.

Winemakerof the highlands


Land of wine tradition since ancient times, my vineyards are located in Sainte-Foy country on the southern slopes of the Dordogne, halfway between Saint-Émilion and Bergerac. At the gates of Périgord and Duracois, this eccentric land of Bordeaux, bore the name of “High Country” of the Dordogne River in the middle Ages.

Too often forgotten from History, nowadays, it is certainly the one that contains the most unclassifiable discoveries, unreleased wines that will delight both amateurs and neophytes.

Soilsof the highlands


The choice of certification in Organic Farming is the only one to date to truly guarantee the implementation of a sustainable agriculture, without which any notion of terroir does not make sense as much as the conception of the wine that is there, attached to.

The soils

During the different geological periods, the ebb and flow between the ocean and the land has forged the reliefs of our landscapes and generated the great limestones of our soils. Land having suffered the erectile anger of the Pyrenees, it has been rounded by fluvial erosion from the interior mountainous massifs which took the opportunity to disseminate their sediments in a sparse way.
Fragile and subtle alchemy offered by “Mother Earth”, the richness and plurality of our soils has been clearly identified by Pierre Becheler, Bordeaux’s renowned geologist, as an authentic terroir of exception.

The vineyard

The result of the fusion of four historically distinct châteaux. (See geological section), my vineyard approx. 65 ha and an average age of 24 years, fully certified AB, stands out by an original planting coinciding with the typicality of the soil of my hills :

  • 46% of Cabernet Sauvignon
  • 31% of Merlot
  • 14% of Cabernet Franc
  • 8% of Malbec
  • 1% of Petit Verdot

Planta tree

Our ecological commitment led with the operation “Plant a tree”, as part of the carbon footprint.

Our ecological commitment led with the operation “Plant a tree”, as part of the carbon footprint.

Particularly attentive to the notion of carbon balance®, I propose on my premium wine, ORIGIN, a carbon offset by planting a tree for each box of six bottles bought, within the framework of the UNEP (United Nations Environment Program) of ONU.

This operation allows me to obtain a positive carbon assessment for all my wines sold, just as it allows you to have an eco-citizen behavior, even to associate beautiful symbolic events that this exceptional wine will accompany.

Easy : on your bill, a registration code is issued to you to go on the site of, where you will be able to choose the place of plantation, in France or abroad, and by the same the nature of the essence which you wish to privilege.

The 31/01/2019 the Chapelle Bérard forest includes 104 trees, an overall profit of :

 CLIMATE :  77 898 km by car offsetted

HEALTH : 416 months of oxygen generated

BIODIVERSITY : 275 shelters for animals created

 EMPLOYMENT : 104 hour(s) of work created


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