Censuré - Chapelle Bérard

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With Censuré make the jump beyond the classicism of the AOC … We guarantee you new horizons of pleasures!

CENSORED: the technical approach implemented for this wine does not fall within the scope of an AOC or an IPG. It can only be marketed in Vin de France. However, in Vin de France, French legislation prohibits the use of the term “Chapelle” and the regional geographical indication of the production area…

CENSURÉ is the amused answer to this legal archaism.

A white of blacks is a white wine made from red grapes. Astonishing, yes … but not so much since it is a traditional Champagne practice, if you add the bubbles obviously!

With this white, you will discover a new aromatic panel in the image of its elaboration. A wine all in seduction by the rare collision of aromas of white fruits and red fruits, and a very full mouth all in roundness and suppleness.

A terroir wine without a doubt, but a terroir declined as we had never proposed to you before.

For optimal pleasure, choose a service temperature of 11 to 12 degrees.



Découvrez le coffret N°19 !!!

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