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“Simplicity is supreme sophistication” (Leonardo da Vinci) …
It’s up to you to check this quote by discovering INITIALES!

INITIALES is just my definition of a well-made Bordeaux wine.

The exercise is less easy than it seems. Subtle compromise between tradition and modernity whose sole purpose is to express as beautifully as possible this inimitable terroir that makes Bordeaux unique.

INITALES is the source of my range of wines, from which are reflected all my cuvees from the most transgressive to the most sophisticated.

INITIALES is above all an emotion, a balance between the complexity of the nose and the roundness of the tannins, with a good aptitude for aging. It deserves to be tasted as one can admire a piece of art.

For an optimal pleasure, choose a service temperature of 16 to 17 degrees. If this wine supports the absence of aeration, it still remains beneficial. It is the wine par excellence to accompany gouty, classic or modern cuisine.



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