Le Vin qui claque sa mère - Chapelle Bérard

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We were audacious… Be it in your turn by daring “Le Vin Qui Claque Sa Mère”!  (“The Wine That Slams Her Mother”!)

The history of this vintage is the meeting of two wine growers’ generations.

Further to a lively discussion with my children, challenge was thrown me to let them interpret freely their vision of a modern wine.

Generational transgression by his “incisive” picture, I wished to go up to the end of this one by developing something else than a “classic wine of thirst”, but an authentic Bordeaux.

A terroir wine, revisited “to stick” on our modern lifestyle, accompanying just as much an improvised snack, than a glass between buddies at the home or at the coffee corner.

Combining the pleasure of a charming aromatic with the roundness of its tannins, it is my very definition of a “wine of friends”, a frank and authentic wine, which one does not intellectualize to better enjoy the present moment.

For optimal pleasure, 16 to 17 degrees is the right temperature. A short aeration of one hour (or even 10 minutes using an OPTIWINE), allows a full expression of the aromatic characteristic of a young wine with a very low sulfite titration.


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