Au Chai - Chapelle Bérard

From the vineto the glass


Rebel? Classic? I would rather say eclectic.

For me, passion is also present by revisiting the Bordeaux wine standards, and by taking me out of the constraints of a AOC to develop alternative wines.

If the truth is in the glass, it cannot be contained in a single bottle, hence the complementarity that can be between the cuvée Origine and P’tite Chapelle.


A single watchword : a rigorous implementation in order to obtain for each of my cuvées racy wines combining power, finesse and elegance.

The wine is made in the vineyard and not in the cellar. Winemaking is and must remain a technical accompaniment to express the very best potential of the terroir that is contained in the bay. The answer is often in the right mix of the fundamentals that have made Bordeaux famous and the transgressive freedom of the wines of the Sud-Ouest.

Organicand even more!

Every wine is a story,
a reinterpretation of our terroirs …

Découvrez le coffret N°19 !!!

regroupant nos trois cuvées éphémères…